The Collection Door Hanger

4.25 x 11 inches

The door hanger is one of the best advertising methods. The secret of efficient advertising is visibility, and there is nothing more visible than a door hanger. A promotion that is not seen by potential customers won't obtain the expected results. Not everybody reads the newspaper or watches commercials, but everybody needs to open their door and pick up their door hanger. 

This is why PUBLI/MAX allows you to design customized door hangers adapted two your image. Printed and delivered to your office. 

Printed in high quality paper: 

  • 4/4 Print
  • 14 pts cardboard
  • 4.25x11 inches format
  •  Two-sided
  • 7 business days for production
From 0.205 $ / Unit
+1 833-237-5110
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