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22 Jan 2019

Create and promote your digital brand

Write by:
Guillermo  - Executive Sales Manager

Executive Sales Manager PUBLI/MAX

With more than 16,000 brokers in Quebec, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. If having an impeccable customer service is essential, a broker must also know how to promote their brand

But how?


It’s a necessity for brokers nowadays to create and promote their digital brand. 95% of real estate business starts on the web, pushing brokers to embrace this distribution channel to stay relevant. 

The digital survival kit: 

  • A professional website

Before investing in web advertising, the modern broker should have his own website. Otherwise, his prospects will end up on a real estate portal, where they might find another broker. Creating and updating your own website can seem tedious and complicated, but turnkey solutions exist to make your life easier. 

  • Having your own website is good, being easily found on the web is better 

In order to be found easily on the web, you will need strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If it takes time, it means it will be profitable in the long run. SEO can be improved with free tools like Google search control. This platform lets you keep an eye on your Google index data and gives you information on the most clicked keywords. While those keywords can give you relevant insights, they’re no longer sufficient for modern SEO techniques. Search optimization now also requires special attention to Long-Tail Keywords, a combination of words mixing popular words with less frequently searched words. This technique allows to increase the traffic and the conversion rate on your website. 

In recent years, the rules to be correctly referenced have changed. The algorithm of search engine like Google now put more emphasis on criteria of relevance (location, type of services, etc.). To stay relevant, hosting a real estate blog is now critical. This webpage needs to host relevant content, optimized for the web and with a simple yet effective design. Listings must be easily accessible and should not send to readers to another website, they should push to customers towards calling the broker.

As modern economic models are shifting towards the elimination of the middleman with platforms like Duproprio, brokers must adapt their communication channels. Brokers need to be perceived as the true real estate expert. All the mandatory training real estate brokers go through should be used as a marketing tool to promote their expertise.

In summary, you need: 

  • A simple and functional website, combined with a blog curated with relevant and regular content. A competitive broker should also leave comments on various types of real estate articles, showing to the reader his expertise. 
  • To share relevant information on social networks while adding a personal touch 


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