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21 Apr 2021

Why choosing direct mail ?

As a real estate broker, you receive tons of information on new technologies every day, and they are indeed more and more relevant for your business. But what we want to draw your attention on today is direct mail : paper solutions also have, in fact, lots of benefits to offer. We will tell you all about them in this article, and how it’s actually a question of combining them in your marketing strategy !

  • Direct mail triggers action : 47% of people went physically in a store after receiving a pamphlet, 43% ordered online, 64% visited a website, and 54% interracted about it on social media. And who says action, says lead conversion !

  • Canadians like to receive mail : according to a Canada Post survey, 85% of them open mail that they find interesting, 66% keep the mail they they think is useful and 81% of them will let it in the house, in sight, whether it’s on the fridge or on the living-room table. Also note that 71% are likely to share it with those around them, including millenials. The efficiency of this communication mean is therefore proven, and this has a lot to do with the fact that it’s stimulating the senses, especially the touch, in addition to the sight, compared to a digital message. With engaging the senses, you contribute to create a real experience for them, they are then more likely to remember you. A great opportunity for you to make yourself known and reinforce your image & branding !
  • Understanding the message is easier : the messages passed by direct mail compared to digital ones are easier to understand by the audience. In fact, they require 21% less mental effort.

  • The message is more convincing : motivation rate is increased of 20% with a message passed by direct mail, compared to digital ones.
  • Create links with your potential clients : we know it, creating links is THE best way to start relationships based on trust, and it’s even more true in business. Did you know that 57% of people feel appreciated and valued when a brand communicates with them by mail ? It’s therefore a good occasion for you to stand out from the competition.

  • In parallel, with combined messages (direct mail + digital) the attention generated is 39% more captive, in addition to reinforce the brand (+10%) and creating a stronger emotional engagement (+ 5%).

Your tools with Canada Post and PUBLI/MAX
Canada Post provides real estate brokers with very efficient and useful tools such as Intelliposte, and targeting tools (demographic and psychographic data), with access to lists of millions of addresses. Did you know that these were helping you to obtain between 2 and 9 times more answers from your targeted audience ? Other example : personnalised mail contribute to get a very good retention rate, where the message becomes 54% more stimulating and 45% more memorable. You know it, retention rate is of crucial importance because increasing it of 5% can increase your profits of 95%. Moreover, don’t forget to address your mail ! It will allow you to get 500% more of answer rate, compared to non-addressed mail.
With PUBLI/MAX, you can have the ideal product for your mass mailing, at hand, in order to reach even more potential clients in a specific area. We offer you a turnkey services package : creation, printing & distribution of advertisments. We take care of everything, from pre-approved designs to delivery with Canada Post. Quick and easy to use, this tool will be you best ally to build your advertising campaign in a few minutes only !

Contact us now !

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